When children are supported with the right environment to be comfortable and to be themselves, they will grow to be independent, capable and confident individuals. My aim is to help support parents with the tools to create this loving and nurturing environment for their child.

I create sleepwear that take into consideration how a child feels and how they respond in a positive way. Keeping children warm and comfortable at night is one example of this desire to care for our children and yours.

A twisted mess…

When my daughter was about 5 months old, I started using sleeping bags to keep her warm at night. This worked well until she started becoming more mobile.

When she started rolling, she would get into a twisted mess with the excess leg space of the sleeping bag. When she started standing and walking, she would trip and fall. Eventually, she resisted wearing it altogether.


And so the nighttime dilemma began…

With the sleeping bag, I could see that my daughter was uncomfortable; that she was feeling restricted and distressed. Without the sleeping bag, I was constantly worried that she would not be warm enough.  She would kick off her blanket and wake up from the cold.  I was frustrated and tired from the cold night wake-ups.  This left me feeling exhausted and irritated in the daytime.

I could see my daughter was moving more and wanting to be independent. I wanted to support her in this by making sure she was comfortable and able to move freely.

I went on a search that lead to a sewing machine…

I went in search of a sleepsuit that would be less restrictive. I was unimpressed by the limited range of synthetic sleepsuits so I decided to make my own version in Merino wool.  It had arm and leg openings to help her move and was multilayered to keep her warm. I no longer had to worry if she her kicked off her blanket.

I always look for natural solutions and I wanted to bring this into my children’s sleep environment. I believe natural fibers play a big part in this.

Mums need support too!

I want to educate and inspire mums to choose natural, ethical and sustainable alternatives when responding to their children’s needs. I hope in this way I can support you in making important choices that will lead you and your child on the path of a good night’s sleep.

After meeting you and seeing the passion and love you have for your product;
the care and love you put into researching and sourcing natural organic healthy environmentally friendly options for our children; knowing that I am giving my baby a sleeping option that has so much love put into each piece makes me feel like I am doing the best I can for my baby – I thank you for creating the wearable blanket and super soft woollen PJ’s. Love your products so very much – Thank you!
Rozalin, mum to Chole, 1yr.