Why choose Merino wool for my child’s sleepwear?

Babies and young children struggle to regulate their body temperature, meaning they can get cold very quickly and hot very quickly.  Merino wool can play a key role in helping your child sleep better simply by protecting them from the temperature fluctuations and keeping their body temperature constant.

Unlike other fibres Merino wool has the magical ability to respond to changes in your child’s body and regulate body temperature.

In cooler temperatures, it will trap warm air to keep your child warm.  When your child’s body gets hot and begins to sweat, it will release the warm air and wick away moisture to help cool their body down.

Being at a warm constant temperature means your child is less likely to be triggered by the cold and moisture and stay asleep for longer.

Where is your wool from and what standards do you follow?

All our products are made from Australian Merino wool.  The wool is certified RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) which ensures the sourcing and production of the wool meets ethical and environmental standards, including non-mulesing practices.

Which Wearable Blanket is right for my child?

We offer the Wearable Blanket in 2 weight options: Warmest and Lightest; with and without sleeves. To decide on the ideal weight, think about the temperature of your child’s room at night using our temperature guide to help you. To assist in choosing a style, factor in the habits of your little sleeper.

The sleeveless design suits kids who tend to overheat, giving them extra ventilation through the armholes. Sleeveless suits are also great for younger sleepers who are still learning to dress themselves as the big armholes are easily accessible for their little arms.

If your little sleeper is more sensitive to cold and doesn’t mind the extra covering around their arms, then they will love the cosy, snug fit of the sleeved design.

Can I combine the Wearable Blanket Sleepsuit with my child’s existing sleeping bag?

Absolutely Yes!  In fact, this is the perfect combination for combating extreme cold temperatures of 14° C and even under.  Many 3.5tog rated sleeping bags only cater for up to 14° C.  If you are not planning on using electric heating and are facing extreme cold conditions, particularly in the early morning, it is necessary to have not only warm base layers but an effective middle layer to insulate and retain warmth.  The Wearable Blanket is perfect for this as it has the right thickness for warmth, but the merino is still lightweight enough that it won’t feel bulky and uncomfortable when worn underneath another thick layer.

If your child’s existing sleeping bag is sleeveless, opt for The Wearable Blanket with sleeves.

If your child’s sleeping bag is with sleeves, opt for the Wearable Blanket sleeveless.

How can the Wearable Blanket help my child sleep better?

The Wearable Blanket will keep your child warm and protected if he/she is prone to kicking off their blankets at night. Staying warm and comfortable will help them sleep better.

Children can wake up during the night for many reasons. The Wearable Blanket works as a wonderful solution to keep your child from waking up on chilly nights. However, it is not a miracle sleepsuit for sleepless children.

How do I know if my child is warm enough?

We recommend to use our temperature chart as a guide to layering, however all children will have different needs when it comes to warmth.  Some children can be more sensitive to the chill while others run hot and may not need as many layers – and this can also vary and change with age.  The best way to know if your child is warm enough is to check their core body temperature.  When there is a shift in temperature or you are trying a new combination of clothing be sure to check on your child for the first 1-2 nights until you can establish the signs that what you have is working for them.  Place your hand inside their top to feel the skin on the chest or back.  It should feel dry and toasty warm to touch.  Use this as a guide to tell you if you need more or less layers.  The best thing about using merino wool is that with the right layers you can dress them to ensure they are warm but have the peace of mind that they won’t overheat even with the extra layers.

Why is it important to keep the core of the body warm?

The core is the most important area of the body as this is the area where all the essential body organs (lungs, heart, liver and kidneys) are housed.  Keeping this area of the body warm is not only important for your child’s health but is also the most crucial for combating cold night wake-ups.
One of the most effective ways to do this is with a singlet or a body warming vest as it will target warmth directly to where your child needs it most – their core – and this is what will help them sleep through those early morning dips.

What makes wool warmer than other natural fibres?

The structure of wool allows it to trap heat differently to other fibres. Wool fibres have a natural crimp which when spun, produces a lofty, resilient yarn, creating air pockets that help to retain heat better.  So even though a wool garment may appear thin, the unique structure of the yarn ensures it is still able to provide enough warmth to be effective against the cold.

How can Merino clothing be used as a blanket substitute?

When kids kick off the blankets there are many ways you can try and keep them warm, but we have chosen Merino wool specifically for our Wearable Blankets for 3 main reasons:

  • Merino wool keeps exceptional warmth and this is what is needed to combat those cold nights during winter
  • While being warm, Merino wool is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.  Being a garment that your child will wear to sleep, it is important that it is not bulky, too padded or stiff
  • Merino wool helps to regulate body temperature, ensuring your child doesn’t get too hot or too cold.  As a garment that your child can’t ‘kick off’, it is important that they are wearing natural breathable fibres that will prevent them from overheating.  Merino wool helps your child maintain a more stable temperature, which is conducive to better and longer sleep

What is the difference between wool and Merino wool?

Merino wool is different to regular wool because it comes from the Merino sheep, selectively bred and highly regarded for producing the softest wool available.
Even within the Merino wool category there are different levels of thicknesses. Superfine Merino wool is both lightweight and super soft and will feel like the softest of the softest wool against your child’s skin.  This superfine quality Merino wool is what we use for all our pyjama and layering sets because it is more comfortable and will cause less irritation for your bub’s sensitive skin.

Why no TOG Ratings?

A TOG rating refers to the measure of the warmth of a fibre under different temperatures. They’re given to products made from synthetic fibres because of their low breathability and inability to adjust to variances when tested under different temperatures. A TOG rating gives you a guide as to which garment will protect the wearer from overheating.

Our Wearable Blankets are made from 100% Merino Wool; a natural fibre which breathes and adjusts according to temperature. This means it can be used over a wider range of temperatures and you are not restricted to using it just for one season. So, instead of TOG, we offer 2 different weights; Warmest and Lightest. Versatile and all-weather-wearing, combine your Wearable Blanket with other Merino layers from our collection to adjust to a wider temperature range.

Will my child overheat?

All our products are made from 100% Australian Merino wool. This natural fibre transmits airflow throughout the body and releases it when your child gets too hot.  Unlike synthetic fibres that trap air, wool allows the body to cool down steadily, eliminating the risk of overheating.

When dressing your chid in merino wool layers you can have peace of mind that they will be protected from the cold and still be safe for sleep.

How do I take care of my Wearable Blanket?

We’ve made all our products as practical and convenient as possible.

All our wool products are machine washable.

Being made from superfine yarn some of our knitted and lighter garments can be prone to snagging and developing holes when it is caught on sharp objects.

Follow the washing instruction of each garment and as an extra precaution we recommend to place lighter items in a wash bag to protect it from catching onto sharp surfaces such as zippers, and to help maintain shape.