The Wearable Blanket

Made from ultra soft, 100% Australian Merino wool

Our Wearable Blankies warm them like a comforter but fit as snug as their regular jammies.

Made from ultra soft, 100% Australian Merino wool. Our wearable blankies warm them like a comforter but fit as snug as their regular jammies

Early morning wake ups?

The most common wake up time in young children is between 3-4am when the temperature dips.

Avoid those early morning wake ups by keeping your child warm and protected.

Blanket Kicking?

Avoid having to tip toe into their room to pull the blanket back on.

Our sleepsuits will keep your child warm without the need for a blanket.

Moving to a big kid bed?

The perfect way to transition your toddler out of their sleeping bag to get them ready for their toddler bed.

Elimate the trip hazard and encourage independence.

Choose Merino wool for a more comfortable night’s Sleep

Babies and young children have difficulty regulating their own body temperature. They can loose body heat up to 3 times faster than adults.

Supersoft, all natural Merino wool helps regulate your child’s body temperature, so they stay warm and comfortable through the night and into the morning.


“The biggest benefit is that I don’t have to have the heater on all night.  I now have peace of mind that she’s warm even when the blankets come off”.

Jessica, mum 2yr girl


“We were given the wool pj’s and the Wearable Blanket as a gift.  The quality is fantastic – absolutely NO itch from the wool and Millie loves wearing them.  She did the best day nap I’ve seen in ages in her Wearable Blanket!”.

Moira, mum to 2yr old girl

Choose a sleepsuit to give them freedom to wiggle and writhe

Sleeping bags quickly become trip hazards and blankets are no match for your little houdini’s restless, kicking feet.

When your toddler becomes active, a sleepsuit is the perfect solution to keeping them safe to move.

Our sleepsuits are designed for versatility by adding and removing layers. You can rest assured knowing your little one will sleep comfortbly through changing temperatures.

Learn more about How layering is the key

“At 12 months Jet was getting twisted in his sleeping bag and waking regularly.  I thought the Wearable Blanket wouldn’t be warm enough compared to the other thick sleeping bags on the market.  With the Wearable Blanket he slept better and had no more night wakings”.

Sophie, mum to 1yr old boy


“I like it that the Wearable Blanket is so easy to wash.  We just wash and dry like usual but find that I don’t need to wash it as often as other pj’s”.

Brie, mum to 5yr old girl

Choose natural Merino wool
fibres that will breathe with your child

Merino wool is a great insulator, but it’s also ultra-breathable. That means it will keep your child superbly warm without the risk of overheating.

Because it’s a natural fibre, it allows heat and air to circulate, wicking away moisture and making it more comfortable to wear during both the day and night.

We only use 100% natural, sustainable and ethically sourced Merino wool – we’re committed to doing what’s best for your child and for our planet.

Learn more about Merino Wool

“Our girls have stopped complaining that they are cold at night.  We haven’t been getting many wake up calls at night since we started using the Wearable Blanket.  I can sleep better now knowing that they are warm and comfortable”.

Ornella, mum to girls 3yrs and 5yrs


“Bonus! I like that the sleepsuit is easy to get into and Lucia can easily dress herself without my help”.

Jane, mum 5yr old girl

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