Sustainability means leading by example

Knowing that our children will one day inherit the earth, we want to lead by example to teach them about awareness and care for the environment. We want to show them how conscious choices have an impact on the world we live and where possible to always seek out healthier, safer and sustainable alternatives.


Some examples of how we are leading the way

We use 100% Merino wool for all our products because it is a natural, safe and sustainable product.

Natural – Wool is naturally grown on sheep, supported by nature’s elements including sunlight and soil

Renewable – Wool can be regrown and resourced readily

Biodegradable – Wool decomposes significantly faster than other synthetic fibres

  • All dye chemicals used in our manufacturing process are compliant with global international standards.
  • All our prints are screen hand printed with ink colours mixed on demand to reduce waste.
  • We use water-based inks that are free of spirits and hydrocarbons making it cleaner for the environment and safer for the customer.


Sustainability goes hand in hand with supporting others

A part of fulfilling our role as parents we have a responsibility to teach our children to help one another and to form strong communities where support is a driving force moving forward. Where possible we seek to support sustainable and ethical production practices in Australia.

  • The fleece from our wool is sourced from non-mulesed farms that comply with RSPCA regulations.
  • We source our fabrics from mills with integrity for reducing waste through their dye processes and chemicals used.
  • All our products are wholly manufactured in Australia and we are committed to supporting ethical and fair labour practices.


Sustainability moving forward

With our commitment to these practices we believe we can positively influence and affect our children’s relationship with people and the world around them so they too can lead by example.