As the colder months set in, layering is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your child warm.

We recommend dressing your child in layers of Merino wool to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the night.


Our sleepwear range is designed for layering


Mix and match the items to suit the temperature of your child’s room.
Add and remove layers to respond to temperature changes through the night.

The table below gives you a general guide to choosing the appropriate number of layers to dress your child in

according to their room temperature.

All children are different, so their comfort preferences may naturally vary.  As the parent, it is you who will have the best understanding of what your child’s needs are. A reliable way to check on your child’s body temperature at night is to place your hand against the skin of the chest or back. It should feel warm and dry to touch. You can then add or remove layers as required.