We know the feeling well…

You walk into your child’s room only to find she has kicked off the blanket. You question “Is she too hot?  Is she too cold?” You gently pull the blanket over her and tuck them in at the sides.  All is calm until the early morning and you hear the startled cry.  Often, even before this cry you routinely sneak into her room throughout the night to pull the covers back into its place.  You wake up tired and frustrated. Yes, we know this feeling well.


A blanket that will not fall off…

To solve this nighttime dilemma, we created a sleeping bag onesie for your wriggly little sleeper. A multi layered sleepsuit in Merino wool to keep your child warm and comfortable at night.  A sleepsuit to act as a blanket so you can be assured your child is warm enough, without the need for blankets.


The Wearable Blanket, the ideal winter sleepsuit for toddlers and babies

  • Made in Merino wool: The Wearable Blanket will work to naturally regulate your child’s body temperature to help keep their temperature constant. No need to wonder if they are too hot or too cold.
  • Adjustable Warmth: Use the Wearable Blanket and adjust the layers underneath to suit your child’s room temperature. On warmer nights, partner up the suit with a simple singlet. On chillier nights, we recommend teaming up the Wearable Blanket with our Layer Sets, which are also available in 100% Australian Merino wool, for extra comfort and warmth.
  • Freedom to move: Designed with arm and leg openings to give your child freedom and comfort to move.
  • Encourages independence: The Wearable blanket gives them room to move around and allows them to zip themselves in and out of their suits whenever they want.
  • 2 years wear: Designed with a generous fit, the Wearable Blanket will give your child room to grow. We estimate that the sleepsuit will suffice for approximately 2 years wear.
  • Made in Australia: Australian Merino wool and lined in organic cotton, all our products are natural and safe for sensitive bodies.
  • Machine washable and quick drying: All our products are easy care.
  • Sustainable and ethical: We are proud all our products are natural, sustainably sourced and ethically made to give you better peace of mind.


At 12 months, Jet was getting twisted in his sleeping bag and waking regularly out of discomfort.

I thought that the Wearable Blanket wouldn’t be warm enough compared to the thick sleeping bags on the market.  With the Wearable Blanket he slept better and had no wakings.

I like the versatile design.  I found I could put him in the wearable blanket after a bath, and not only just for sleep times, but also over his pj’s to keep him warm when we are travelling. It works great in giving that extra warmth in winter!”

Sophie, Mum to Jet 2 yrs


Felix was waking up at 5am because of the cold (he sleeps on top of his doona).
I put him in his Warable Blanket and not a peep since.  He’s now sleeping through until 6/6.30am.  Thank you!

Lauren, Mum to Felix 3yrs