Australia has a long history of cultivating and harvesting wool. With its green pastures and ideal climate for farming, Australia has long been recognised for producing some of the highest quality fleece in the world.

We choose to use Australian Merino wool not only for its quality but for its committed values towards sustainable and ethical farming production processes.

The wool used for our products is certified RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) which ensures the sourcing and production of the wool meets ethical and environmental standards, including non-mulesing practices.

The first step to solving big problems is to start with small steps. Begin with what’s closest to your child’s skin by choosing natural fiber sleepwear that is soft, breathable and comfortable.

Merino wool, being derived from the Merino sheep is finer and softer than regular wool, making it comfortable to wear against the skin.


Merino wool is the natural choice for children’s delicate skin.

With its insulation and circulation qualities, this wonderful natural fibre makes for the perfect blanket substitute.


Merino wool provides exceptional warmth

Merino has excellent thermal properties. Being lightweight and fine, it is able to provide superior warmth without the bulk making it exceptionally comfortable.


Merino wool will regulate body temperature, keeping it ‘warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot’

Merino wool will respond to changes in your child’s body temperature to protect it from the extremes of hot and cold. In cooler temperatures it will trap warm air in to provide warmth. When your child’s body gets hot and begins to sweat, it will release the warm air and wick away the moisture to help cool the body down. In this way it will help to maintain a constant body temperature.


Merino wool is 100% natural, no need for TOGS.

Unlike other synthetic fibre products Merino wool is breathable and will protect your child from sweating and feeling clammy. It provides better temperature control and therefore suitable to wear all year round.


Merino wool has been researched in relation to baby sleep and shown to improve sleep routines.

At the Cambridge Maternity Hospital in 1979, Scott and Richards revealed that babies sleeping on Merino wool settled more quickly, cried less, fed better and gained weight faster. Premature babies sleeping on Merino wool gained on average an extra 10g a day than babies of the same gestation who did not.


Merino wool can help children with eczema and sensitive skin.

With its ability to transfer moisture away from the body, wearing Merino will keep your child’s skin dry so they are less prone to skin irritation and itching. The natural lanolin in the wool fibre give it powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which help to protect the skin making it safe to wear.


We only use the finest Australian quality Merino wool

Fine and soft to touch with no scratchy bits.